Hamico Toothbrush designs 2017
Design submissions were requested and sent to Hamico, then the chosen designs were used on the products. I currently have 5 designs on sale. I was invited to the Javits Center in New York where the products launched at the NY NOW exhibition in 2017. 
Philip Morris International limited edition packaging 2016
I was commissioned to design limited edition artwork for two of their Next brand variants.
Moxy Hotel Times Square Artwork 2017
I was a finalist in the Moxy Hotel Times Square contest with this artwork. My submission was based on my own experiences of New York. I moved there in February 2017 and although it is a tough place to settle into, there is never a dull moment! The theme of the brief "getting away with it" made me think of a lady I saw taking her cats out for pizza in a stroller a few weeks earlier. I have two cats of my own and I thought, why the hell not, I'm going to do that! I would never have considered buying a cat stroller before moving here, people would have thought I was crazy, but I have one now because here I can get away with anything! The city also seems alive and I tried to personify it in the illustration. There are a lot of characters here including my local shop keeper who's hobby is learning to play new musical instruments (not with much success unfortunately!).
For commission enquiries and quotations feel free to contact me ​​​​​​​
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